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While the consumption of animal products make a crucial contribution to food and nutritional security of millions of people around the world, animal feeds play a leading role in the global food industry. Feed is the most important factor, rather the raw material for raising animals for the production of milk, meat, fish and poultry, to be used for human consumption as the variety of foods, rich in proteins. India, the fourth largest feed producing country in the world is inherently and perennially facing feed shortage. Recently, the country has experienced two consecutive years of failed monsoon. This has caused an increase in the cost of raw materials, and hence, has resulted in higher end-product price as well.
It is the high time that the feed industry comes forward for a brain storming session to discuss the different strategies that needs to be adopted for a better and sustainable feed industry in India. With this idea in mind, the theme of the conference has been conceptualized as
“Innovative strategies for sustainable value-chain for Indian feed industry”

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